YNW Melly Facing the Death Penalty


Cassidy Baldridge

YNW Melly came from Florida and his album “I Am You” was his first album that became well-known. And his first big song was called “Murder On My Mind.” He grew up and was born in Florida.

Back in February of 2019, Melly wrote on Instagram to his fans an apology and stating how he is turning himself in for the murders of Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr.

Just before this incident he released a new album called “We All Shine” with the well-known song “Mixed Personalities” which was a collaboration with the famous rapper Kanye West. He was set to go on tour too.

YNW Melly had help from Cortlen Henry. Back on October 26, 2018 both rappers killed Thomas Jr. and Williams and staged it to make it seem like a drive by. They eventually took them to the hospital, but not in time.

Herny made the statement that they were shot from a drive by and even had eight bullet holes in the right side of the car door. The autopsy clearly shows that they were both killed from the left.

It is reported that they were killed in Southern Florida in Fort Lauderdale. Just on Monday April 22, 2019 it was reported that it is possible that YNW Melly is facing the death penalty. says people.com

YNW Melly (Jamell Demons) is only 19 with an upcoming birthday on May 1. Many question weather or not the death penalty is reasonable.

Miaballa Doerr says “He is my favorite rapper. I hope this does not happen.”

Another term for the death penalty is capital punishment. It is only legal in 30 states in the United States. With Florida in fourth for the highest rate of use for that punishment.