Everyone But Senior Art Show

McKenzie Lane

On Thursday, April 25th, Lakewood High School held its’ annual art show: Everyone but Seniors Art Show. From four to seven o’clock the walls and halls of Lakewood High were covered with work ranging in mediums like colored pencils, water-color, paint, photography, digital art, and much more.

Those showcased throughout the event (you guessed it) were students from grades 9-11. The Senior Only Art Show will be taking place on May 9th at Lakewood. High School from 4-7 pm.

The art show was an all ages friendly event; included was a photo booth with props, snack table open to everyone, and activities like characatures. Aside from that, a live art auction with students making pieces as you watched them. There was also a table with pottery made in ceramics 1 and 2 up for ale made by students. Additionally, Lakewood Student, Grace Gill, was playing live music during the show.

Towards the end of the show, the award ceremony was held; this years award included: Best of Art 1, Best of Painting, Best of Photography, Best of Ceramics, Best of drawing, best of Fibers, Best of Printmaking, Best of Media Art and Design, and Judges Choice.

The judges for this year included glass artist, Linda Zmina, and ceramics artist Kristen Cliffel.

The winners included:

Best of Art 1- Epangello Boyd

Best of Painting- Gabby Toms

Best of photography- Jay Jaworski

Best of cermaics- Joe Miller

Best of drawing- Isabella Dombrowski

Best of Fibers- Tessa Styles

Best of Printmaking- Hana Johnson

Best of Media Art and Design- Connor Starwesky

Judges Choice- Caroline Shinn

Best in Show- Natalie Costello

Art Teacher, Arline Olear, when asked about this years show claimed that, “Every year students amaze me…but it always surprises me to see how much better they get with each passing year”.

The show this year went well and everyone was happy to see their fellow classmates, children, and families work.