Samuek Csora

Apple is in the process of making a new iPhone. The “iPhone 11 max” and the “iPhone 11R”.

Apple will not be releasing this new piece of technology for another five months. International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo goes who is currently the world’s top Apple Insider.

He says that the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 max will have huge camera upgrades, but the iPhone 11R will only have a very small change in its camera. The iPhone 11r will change to a dual-lens camera.

This New iPhone is going to be projected to be more expensive than all the other iPhones ever made. This is due to the new camera which is said to be the highest quality camera on a smartphone ever.

Another reason why the new iPhone 11 is going to become more expensive is that the battery life can last fifteen percent longer than all previous iPhones.

The new iPhone 11 will have a lot more color options. It is not confirmed but Apple might release an option to customize the back of your iPhone with any background color and that gives you the option to type words onto it, as well as put certain logos or pictures.

Since many Apple users missed how there is a home button,  Apple might just be bringing it back only for a specific version of the iPhone 11.  Considering that it will be one more different version of an iPhone 11 many do not think that Apple will go through with it.

Sophomore Logan Mitchell said, “I cannot wait to make my mom buy me the new iPhone 11.”

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