Tara Kantura

Tara Kantura

Miranda Larimer

Tara Kantura is a junior at Lakewood High School. She is one of the featured athletes for the week. Here are some questions the athlete was asked.

Q: How many sports have you played, how long have you played them?

A: ” I’ve played 3 sports, softball, volleyball, and soccer. I’ve played volleyball for 5 years, soccer for 5 years and softball 8 years and still playing this year.”

Q: Out of those sports, which is your favorite?

A: I don’t have a specific favorite sport, but if I had to pick one sport to play it would definitely be softball. It’s a sport played throughout my family that we all share a love for.”

Q:  What inspired you to play the sport?

A: “My dad. He inspired me to play  softball because of him coaching my sister when I was younger. He’s my biggest fan and had always been there to cheer me on. ”

Q: Do you plan on continuing though college?

A: “I haven’t decided that yet, only because I would have to juggle a sport and lots of studying going into pre-med.

Q: Do you think you’ll try a new sport?

A: “I don’t. I would rather keep getting better and be the best softball player than start all over.”

Q: Who’s your favorite athlete?

A: “My favorite athlete is Francisco Lindor. The shortstop for the Indians. He’s my favorite because he tried his hardest every game and his amount of confidence is what I strive for. ”

Q: Do you have a favorite sport that you don’t play?

A: “My favorite sport to watch is hockey. It’s fast paced and I love watching the players getting thrown into the walls.  It keeps my interest and every game is different.”