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    Shooting at University of North Carolina Kills Two and Injures Four


    According to the New York Times, an alert flashed across computers and phone screens all over campus, the instructions were urgent: “Run, Hide, Fight. Secure yourself immediately.”

    Just before 6 p.m. on Tuesday, gunshots were fired as students waited for rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s concert while others prepared for their final exams.

    A man armed with a pistol opened fire on the final day of classes at the University of North Carolina, killing two people and leaving four others wounded, three of them were critical. The former student, Trystan Terrell, 22, apparently targeted the Kennedy building, according to the police.

    According to CNN, Joshua Ayers, a 20-year-old sophomore, was in the classroom when the shooter entered. The liberal studies class has about 100 students, but only about 30 were there on Tuesday for final presentations. One student was in the middle of a presentation when the shooting began, he said.

    Ayers also said, “All of a sudden, the door on the north side of the room slams open. A guy rushes in, pulls up a gun with his right hand, and began firing at the far north corner table. He didn’t speak a word, just ran in and started shooting.”

    Trystan Terrell was taken into custody without a fight. As police took him away in handcuffs, he tilted his head back and smiled at the cameras.

    He is facing two counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and one count each of possession of a firearm on educational property and discharging a firearm on educational property, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said.

    Lakewood High School senior, Jack Hueter says, “This is super scary, what would push someone to just do that? So scary.”


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