Lakewood’s Viral Coffee Shop

Lakewoods Viral Coffee Shop

Katie Booth

Lakewood’s very own Addicted coffee and ice-cream shop recently went viral on the internet over a new menu item. Addicted has been open for about a year and a half now in Lakewood. The shop is most known for selling coffee but their menu ranges from milkshakes to smokey ice cream.

Owner Vincent Brunori and his wife Jeannie expressed their shock with all the newfound attention. They said the line was constantly out the door all day last Tuesday.

Brunori says they plan on starting some specials, possibly including BOGO’s. Another reason why Addicted is a great local place comes from Brunori who says “We’re family-owned and buy everything local. We have a lot of vegan ice creams and we’re dog-friendly. We’re a community-based business that is trying to grow but wants to keep the personal touch,”

Joe Ruggiero, the man who made the post that went viral, is also shocked at how viral the post became.

Addicted has its very own espresso bar, and the menu includes brewed coffee, nitro brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate and most importantly their crazy shakes. Their crazy shake is 24 oz of real ice cream and with a frosting and candy rimmed cup – topped with bakery and candy store and a cloud of real homemade whipped cream.

They also have snacks such as brownies, cookies, sandwiches and even a protein pack that includes hard boiled eggs, cheese stick, almonds and coconut water.

Lakewood Alum Taylor Booth says “This is the first place in Lakewood that is doing this, and I’m think it’s a fun and exciting thing to do for summer. I’m looking forward to trying it!”