It Is Just A Step Along Your Journey


Maddy McFarlin

Everyone always thinks when they are in high school that high school is the most important and highlighted time of their life. Little do they know it is only 4 short years of their hopefully long life. They all want to care about popularity and who likes them and what relationships to get into. When truly none of those things will matter in the long run with what they do.

We go to high school to get the basic knowledge to know how to write essays, comprehend those confusing algebra and geometry problems, to learn about the wars that happened in the past and to learn about DNA sequences that make, can you guess it? Us. We do not go to high school to see who is the most popular, who can hook up with the most people or who can get the most wasted at a party.

High school is good to help with social skills though but that is not all that matters. Yes, it is always nice to have social skills but the actual work is what is important, the knowledge you learn is what you should keep with you. “So many kids nowadays only care about how cool they are but then forget about their future and the school work they have,” said junior Miabella Doerr

You do not need to have this whole group of friends or have everyone know you. If you have one or two close people in your life that is all that matters. When people have all of those friends the only thing that comes out of it usually is drama and I don’t think anyone wants that.