Person Of The Week

Person Of The Week

Mya Amato

Nina Bowers is currently a sophomore at Lakewood High School. In her earlier years, Nina grew up in Cleveland. As she got older, her family decided to move to Lakewood. She attended Roosevelt in her elementary years and Garfield for middle school.

Freshman year she was on the volleyball and softball team. Sophomore year she decided not to continue with volleyball or softball.

Wanting to try something new she went out for track and was not disappointed. She feels that  “Sophomore year was more of challenge but I continue to push myself to the limit.”

Questions: What was your favorite class this year?

Answer: My favorite class would have to be US history. It’s so cool to be able to learn about the history of our own country and the obstacles we had to take to get here.

Question: Do you plan to continue running track?

Answer: Yes 100%. The track team is truly like a family to me and we always have each others backs. I love the workouts and the early morning practices.

Question: Throughout your years attending Lakewood High School what teacher has affected you the most?

Answer: I would have to say Mr. Cammock. He knows how to make the classroom a fun place but still manages to get the point across. He has pushed me to work harder and has never failed to put a smile on my face.

Question: How has high school been so far?

Answer: I have made plenty of friends that will be last me the rest of my life. Everyone here is so welcoming and treats everyone with just the right amount of respect.