Alice Johnson: Wrongly Imprisoned?


Makenzy Ohmer

Alice Johnson sat up on her bed at Federal Medical Center, Carswell, a prison in Texas. It was a Saturday and the prisoners still had an hour or two before they had to stand up in their cells and be counted by the guards.

The cells were overcrowded housing four women in a space designed for two. Alice left her bunk area and walked down to her friend’s cell.

Alice lived in the moment. She knew that she couldn’t change the past, present, or future. In 1996 Alice made a series of bad decisions, that resulted in an illegal attempt to make money.

She was sentenced to life in prison for her role in a Memphis drug conspiracy. She was told that she would not ever leave prison unless she was carried out as a corpse. However, she did not believe that was true.

Alice had many dreams in prison about being freed. Being free is a normal fantasy for people serving life sentences, but her dreams had taken an important role while she was in prison.

Alice had dreamed that her case manager had called her down to the office and said ” I have a phone call for you”  and when she gets to the phone another woman says ” Alice, you’re being released from prison.

According to Alice ” A beautiful woman was responsible for getting me out of prison.”