Maddy McFarlin

It is getting to the point in the year where everyone is just ready for summer. People are making their plans for the hopefully long but typically short 3 months. Kids cannot wait to finally be free from school, so they can sleep in until however long they want to and can stay up however late they want to.

Kids cannot wait to just be able to do what they want and go where they want. If they please, they can stay at the beach all day and swim and play in the sand and tan. They have no cares in the world, all they know is that they are FREE.

Free from all of the homework, tests, labs, essays, teachers, smelly teens, and just so much more. They do not have to stress about those things anymore. The only thing they have to stress about is if they are going to get sunburn or not (make sure you wear sunscreen, you do not want to look like a tomato).

You need to make sure you use your time wisely though because those times in the summer just slip by in the blink of an eye. Then you end up having no more of those in between grade-school summers. All of the waiting for those three months to finally come and when they do, they are gone in an instant.

So make these summers the best summers of your life. “Summer makes me so happy because of the warm weather and freedom to hangout with all of my friends,” said junior Joan Wilburn. Summer is the time to mentally rest yourself and give you the break you need before the next school year. You deserve it.