“Tracks to the Shack” by Jay Jaworski

Jay Jaworski

The night was quiet as Sara walked along the railroad tracks, gravel crunching beneath her old off-brand shoes. The silence was eerie, but she actually quite liked how she could hear the howls of the wind pass by her ears. It made a shiver run down her spine and goosebumps poke through her skin. Though she enjoyed balancing herself on the tracks, it was only a matter of time before she came across the tiny shack that stood firmly next to them.

When she arrived, Sara walked inside and threw her messenger bag onto a tiny stool. She grabbed a lantern that sat on a small rectangular table and turned it on before plopping on the bean bag chair that she brought there a week prior. She took a deep breath. The place smelled kind of musty, but it was cozy. It was about the size of a large shed with a door that stood at five and a half feet tall, which wasn’t exactly perfect for Sara’s slightly taller stature. There was even a little window behind the table. It couldn’t be opened, but it was perfect for the creepy vibe that the shack gave off.

Sara watched as a shadowy figure sped passed the window. She shot up out of her chair and stared intently at it. She thought that it might have been her imagination, but was proved wrong when she heard a creak from the floorboards behind her. Sara almost jumped through the roof when a hand was set on her shoulder. She shrieked and whipped around to face the person only to come face to face with her floating friend, Mathias. The two of them sat there for a moment before Mathias burst into uncontrollable laughter, his fangs out in full view.

“O-Oh my god, you should have seen the look on your face! That never gets old..” He pretended to wipe a tear away and planted his feet firmly on the ground. The look on Sara’s face didn’t seem to phase him at all, but a swift punch to the shoulder did. Mathias brought one of his hands to the damaged area and whined, “Hey, what did you do that for?”

Sara trudged over to her bean bag chair and sat down, crossing her arms, “You’re such a jerk, Matt.”

“Oh come on,” he started, “I thought you weren’t afraid of anything.”

“It’s different when your best friend is an actual vampire.” Mathias shrugged before sitting down on the floor in front of Sara, “I can’t even think of why you like to scare me so much.”

He let out a sigh, “It’s just fun. Would it help if I apologized?” Sara nodded. Mathias cleared his throat and stood up, bowing before her, “Sara McClaire, I humbly apologize for frightening you so. Please accept my dearest apologies and continue to be my friend, as I don’t have any others.” He looked down at her, seeing a smile crack onto her face. She let out a chuckle and took a poised posture.

“I accept your apology, kind sir. But please note that the next time you try and scare me, I am going to put garlic in the next dish you consume.” 

“The garlic thing isn’t even true!”

“Sure, but I know you don’t like it.”