Sophia Miranda, Her Future Plans and Career so Far

Sophia Miranda, Her Future Plans and Career so Far

Alexander Schulz

Sophia Miranda is a senior this year at Lakewood High School. She’s a member of the school’s swimming team. She started to swim when she was only eight years old. This year is her fourth year on the Lakewood High School swimming team.

Q:  Do you want to continue swimming after you graduated High School? 

“I will continue to swim after high school, at least my first year in college I want to swim in a club or the school’s team.”

Q: What was the best moment of your swimming career so far?

“I won an honorable mention for the conference last year which has motivated me to get even better”

Q: Is swimming the only sport you’ve been doing in high school?

“No, I played volleyball my freshman year, but I swam all four years.”

Q: Are there any athletes you look up to?

“Yes, I named my dog missy after Missy Franklin, a famous swimmer. I also look up to Michael Phelps.”

Q: How do you prepare for a big swimming event?

“I try to calm my nerves because I think it makes me do better. I also think of the people watching me in the stands, my family, friends and teachers and how I want them to see me do well”