Is Homework A Necessity?

Is Homework A Necessity?

Ayden Wacker

Having time to keep up with what’s going on currently while remaining diligent can be hard for some people. According to U.S. News teachers on average assign 17.5 hours of homework per week.  This means that after a 6 hour school day students are spending another three and a half hours on schoolwork. Combining this with extra curricular activities and hanging out with friends could be too much to handle.

Tests and homework account for the majority of students grades in High school. In order to receive good grades on tests studying is needed. If a student doesn’t care to learn the material they will  complete the homework without effort and no learning or studying will get done. This will result in their grade lowering. If tests are what show your knowledge and ability then why does homework effect someones grade so significantly?

With having too much to handle and not feeling the need to do homework as teenagers, a question comes up. What is it really preparing us for?

College is the key to success and homework is not one of their main priorities.  Mr. Bruwer, the Electrical Engineering teacher here at Lakewood High school said, “In college you are given a date for a test and materials to help you practice, there isn’t homework everyday and teachers telling you to do it.”

In 2011 the average 6 year degree graduation rate was 60 percent according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Making homework a big part of someones grade is not preparing them for the real world. The main goal out of education is to succeed and homework is not allowing students to do this.

If the key to success doesn’t materialize homework and all it does is put on extra stress,  why is it necessary?