Bombarded by Bars


Sophia Masek

Take a glance around the school; do you see the cardboard boxes? Every day, it seems like more and more of the boxes appear, but what exactly are they? If you couldn’t tell by the people selling them obnoxiously as possible, it’s Malley’s Chocolate bars.

This delicious fundraiser is here to provide funds for Lakewood High’s Westshore programs. The money made will be used for field trips, supplies, and more for the programs. These expenses will all help the students to get a better look at the career they are trying to pursue and let them get started on what they love.

They sell milk chocolate, pretzel, and almond candy bars all periods of the day for just $1, or an even larger bar for $3. Such a small price to pay for something so fantastic, and a great deal too (.35$ cheaper than it would be if bought in store!).

At lunch is when the salesmen prosper. They run up to tables, practically begging people to support them. Most of the time, they strikeout. But last week, a miracle happened. Sophomore Connor Parmelee bought 20$ worth of chocolate from a Westshore participant to feed his entire table.

“It was the best meal of my day!” William Patrick Schmoldt told us enthusiastically. “I could survive off of this.”

When asked about his thoughts on the fundraiser, Austin Scherer said, “I think it’s a fantastic way to raise money, moral, and limit hunger within our school.”

So pull out your wallets and dive into this great deal at Lakewood High. Support our influential Westshore programs and help them kickstart their careers. Buy a Malley’s bar today (I know I will)!