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    Aubree Nagel

    Aubree Nagel




    Aubree Nagel is a junior at Lakewood High School. She is quite the soccer player. Starting varsity her freshman year, she has continued to do so still. She still has a season and a half to go, and we are all looking forward to seeing her play.

    Why did you start playing soccer?

    “I started playing soccer because my older brother had played it, and it looked like so much fun.”

    When did you start playing soccer?

    “I started playing ten years ago, when I six.”

    What position do you play?

    “I usually play center-mid, but my position can vary.”

    What is your favorite soccer memory?

    “My favorite soccer memory is either tying against Avon or scoring the winning  goal to beat Olmsted Falls.”

    Do you hope to continue your soccer career after high school?

    “I do hope to continue my soccer career even after high school. I hope to play in college.”

    Is there anything about yourself you think would be different if it wasn’t for soccer?

    “Soccer has helped me become more sociable. I don’t think I would be this sociable if it weren’t for having to play with different teammates all the time.”




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