Cell Phone Use While Driving is Now Illegal in Lakewood


Chloe Fielder

Texting and driving is known to be the number one cause of death and of course, car accidents. Ohio makes it illegal to text and drive in all costs. Lakewood has now passed an ordinance to consider texting and driving a primary offense. Usually, texting and driving is marked as a secondary offense by the Ohio Revised Code With Lakewood being a large populated city, this is making safety for citizens, especially for children.

Yes, people can be successful at driving and ¨texting,¨ but those should never be risked together. Sixteen-year old teens and up are legal to drive, texting should not be enforced with minimal driving experience. Council President Sam O´Leary  passed the ordinance to save lives on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2019. ¨It´s a very dense community and it´s a community that prides itself on being able to walk and bike and we need to make sure in Lakewood, especially the drivers, have their heads up and they are paying attention to the road¨ O´Leary claims with the passing of the ordinance.

Some might ask, what does this change or do? For the sake of others lives, holding the phone to your ear, scrolling through any media, and of course texting is all against the ordinance. Anything relating to these actions that can cause many risks are considered a violation to the city. Only certain types of drivers have an acceptance to go further than what the ordinance follows. This ordinance will definitely save lives in the future as the road is more significant than a last text. New drivers of course need to focus on the road and learn the tragic consequences if the simple rules are not followed.

Looking to learn how to drive? Check out Professional Driving School in Lakewood, Ohio. A clear understanding of texting and driving will be taught. It is extremely important to prevent yourself one hundred percent of the time to text and drive. Other ways to help, is looking into your device on how to shut off notifications during driving times.  This ordinance is for safety in the area, not punishment but to preventing dangers.