The Pope is in


Sophia Masek

New staff and programs are all the rage at the high school this year. There are a plethora of new staff members, and among them is Mr. Popio. He and his new Sports Science education program are sure to influence and promote our school and Westshore.

This project is here for students who are interested in a career in this division, such as physical therapy, sports psychology, coaching, and plenty more. It gives real-life opportunities and experiences in your field of choice to grades 10-12.

In his room, there’s tons of equipment. Therapy tables, yoga balls, crutches, weight machines, and a new tar-smelling mat can all be found in room A208. His program requires these tempting appliances, so if you are ever in his room, do not mess around without permission.

“He’s a lot of fun and you can really see how much he cares about his students, their work, and their lives at Lakewood High. I can’t wait to have him for the next four years,” says Xavior Clark, who has Mr. Popio as his homeroom teacher. What he said is true.  Mr. Popio really does care. He’ll check in on you, your grades, and make sure you’re staying on top of things and doing the best work you can.

Mr. Popio is a great teacher and an even better person. Sports science could be an important part of your future career, or even a just a skill you may need to use later on in life. Stop by room A208 to see Mr. Popio and get more information if you are interested.