Open Lunch is a Must

Open Lunch is a Must

Avery Pumley

School lunches, let’s talk about them.

They are mushy, greasy, and brown. Nothing but chemicals mixed together to create some what of an edible food. Everyday students go through the day without having eaten because they would rather wait until dinner time because what other choice do we have?

\Most kids can’t pack a lunch because they don’t have time or the resources, other snack items available cost way more than most convenience stores.

Ridiculous right?

These are some of the best reasons to let students have open lunch, it allows kids to go home and prepare their own food, or go out to get much healthier food for a cheaper or similar price.

Now, the schools reason for not allowing students to leave campus is due to security reasons. That it could enable strangers to walk into our building and would allow kids to skip class. Now if kids decide to skip class, that’s on them, the school needs to just do their job and take disciplinary actions just as if they skipped class in school and call the parents.

When it comes to keeping track of kids coming back to the school and getting in safely that’s an easy fix. Teachers are given the action to scan their id’s and the doors unlock, what’s wrong with giving us that choice? Or simply have students be checked by a security guard before leaving or walking back into the building.

Giving student’s the option to leave school for lunch would boost their moods, that 40 minutes away from the school atmosphere could greatly improve their day. Don’t teachers and staff want kids to be in their best mood when at school?

Overall, I strongly believe that open lunch should become a part of the school day. Kids should be given the option to where they eat and what they eat for lunch. Schools need to realize that everyone will make their own decisions and we can’t stop them from that, but giving the opportunity to make better ones should be enough.