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    Speed Tables Installed At Intersection In Lakewood


    On many of the side streets, Lakewood will be installing speed tables. Speed tables are essentially speed bumps, but longer. This is because there have been many reports of accidents because people just speed through.

    With these speed tables, officials hope to encourage those kinds of drivers to either slow down or use bigger streets that are made for that kind of traffic.

    Recently they installed two on Marlowe, hoping to slow down drivers. The street is long and doesn’t have breaks, so people just speed through it. It is about 1,600 feet long, like many other streets in Lakewood.

    There have been lots of crashes along Franklin Boulevard down the side streets connected to it especially, Marlowe. Marlowe Avenue was the first street to have speed tables. This will also help the safety of students because it isn’t to far from Lakewood High School, and many students walk up those side streets.

    “I hope this will prevent accidents, as I want it to be safe around here,” says Jordan Rossen.

    These bumps will stay in place for about three months so Lakewood can study how it changes the way people drive through the city.

    Once the three months is up and they have the information they need, it will be decided if the should be permanently installed into the streets, test it on another street, or find a whole different way to control traffic and make the city safer.

    It is so far working for the most part, but people still sometimes just go quickly over them.

    The streets have been worked on to be safer in other ways too much as speed tracking signs, traffic cameras, and making laws for driving like this illegal. The speed tables are just one of the many ways they want to make the city safer.

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