High Schools Should Teach Life Skills

High Schools Should Teach Life Skills

Sophia Masek

The question that is always asked in schools (specifically high school math classes) is “when will I use this in real life?” Most information learned and taught in schools is proven pointless in the actual world, when we learn Pythagoras’ theorem rather than how to do taxes and analyze scenes from Romeo and Juliet rather than how to change a tire. In both cases, the second option is the most difficult yet the most important and still they are not taught. After high school, students are thrown into the real world on their own with the simplest idea of how to function. High school education systems should do more to ensure that the basic, necessary skills are known to students.

One period a day, or even every other day, can have a monumental amount of change for students’ lives. It’s a small step to tale to make sure students are well-rounded and adjusted, and from the eyes of most of the community, this change is needed. Most millennials who have graduated high school have said over and over again, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” High schools can fix this if they are willing to give in to change.

Some may say that this topic would be better handled by the parents of the students that are in need of this change. That if they really need these skills in life, parents should be reliable to make teach them.

However, parents cannot be held reliable. Students spend most of their lives in a school environment, whether it’s the eight hours spent every day in school to clubs to sports. Most parents also work a 9-5 day, meaning they have even less time with their children; and frankly, some parents just aren’t responsible.

Schools should do their best to ensure that even if they aren’t dealt the best parental hand in life, students will still be prepared to function as adults.

“This seems like a great and necessary idea that should be enforced in all schools around America,” Clare Morrissey said when told about this idea.

It is believed by the majority of our community that this class should at least be offered so that those interested in being able to handle their lives can.