Alex Blinky

Alex Blinky

"Jonas Hupcey"

With hockey season right around the corner, I caught up with junior Alex Blinky to talk about how this season is going and what to expect.  Here are his responses to the interview questions.


Q: How will we compare to the other teams in our division?

A: “This year we have a strong group of guys that should help us stay at the top of our division.  We have more players than most of the teams in our division and more skilled players.”


Q: Is there one thing, in particular, you want to see from this team during the year?

A: “One thing I want to see is us make a run in the state tournament especially with the young talent we have this year.”


Q: For senior night you guys will potentially play Eds is there any specific strategy you will use to give your seniors their final win at home?

A: “We haven’t looked that far ahead yet but we will do what we always do and just try to play some solid defense along with having our offensive players put some points on the board.”


Q: What is one way you want to really make an impact this year?

A: “This year I really want to get involved in the offense and “go bardownski on the tendy” along with getting as many players involved as possible.”


Q: What can fans do to give you guys that extra boost to win?

A: “We all love when the fans bring air horns and megaphone or anything that is loud like that.  The best thing fans can do is to yell as loud as they can and bring anything that makes noise it really helps us get fired up.”


This season is looking good for Lakewood hockey and they should have a real chance to win their division along with the Baron Cup.  Alex also said they are always looking for more players and if you would like to play you can talk to any of the current players along with coach Ferfolia.