The Beginning of Hockey Season


Sophia Masek

8 days ago, after Halloween ended and November began, it turned from spooky season to Christmas season. Yesterday, it was snowing a blizzard. Winter is slowly approaching us day by day, and you know what that must mean; hockey! The NHL season started in early October with the Capitals win, and finally, our own Lakewood High team begins their games this very weekend.

Lakewood is notorious for not being the best at sports, not trying to sugarcoat it with all of our good football players going to St. Eds, winning two varsity football games over three years, and some of our hockey players never wearing skates before.

Our singular team of all grades, ages, and genders has great potential, as it’s the best roster we’ve had in years. They put in hours work in at practices, learning the ways of playing hockey- sportsmanship, skills, and all. Soon, they will be able to put this all to the test.

Throughout November-February, you can come to support our team at the Winterhurst Arena in Lakewood, or travel to their away games in places such as North Olmstead.

“You will definitely see an increase of talent, sportsmanship, and wins in this 2019-20 season for Lakewood,” team member William Schmoldt said.

“I can’t wait to see how Lakewood performs in a competitive arena this time around,” hockey enthusiast Sam Nelson told us.

Hopefully, this year will be better than last; one to remember. Support your Lakewood High hockey team as they venture on their journey to become fantastic players.