Girls Leadership Group


Noor imtiaz

Girls’ Leader group is sponsored by Mrs. Eadeh  and meets every second Thursday. It is club in which all of the members learn about different cultures and talk about that. It will help them to develop knowledge and  respect towards all of the races, religions, countries and so on. Their goal is to end discrimination as much as they can and get to know all members as a group.

Discrimination is something that we all need to work on ending. If we stop discriminating everyone based on their color, race, religion or anything that makes them “different,” we can unite in all the aspects of our lives.

At usual meetings, members of this club talk about future community service and projects to do. Together as a group, they try to help refugees and immigrants that are new to the United States and that are not financially stable by making crafts and volunteering.

They also celebrate all of their different festivals with respect and they all have a very good time and a lot of fun together. This also helps them to develop social skills and get to know more people.

Ms. Shaffer Gill says,”It’s a great opportunity for our young women to learn about leadership and service and the benefit of being for girls is that it encourages more people to attend and participate because it’s a safe place.”

This club is helping with real world issues that are very much overlooked. I strongly encourage people to look into this club and see what they could do to help. What these girl are doing could very well be life changing for people who need it the most.