Balancing School and Work

Balancing School and Work

Adam Schraibman

As teenagers get into the later stages of high school and turn into young adults they will generally start to work at or around minimum wage doing the odd jobs that don’t require much skill but somebody has to do it.

These jobs usually suck but they prepare you for the working world that awaits after high school. Some people choose to work and others have to. Those who choose to work get a feeling that they are only doing for the money and the good times they can make with said money but it can get stressful if your manager/boss/owner has you work extra hours on the week.

20 hours or less a week is average for a student working while in high school but when the hours start to get to 30+ a week it gets hard to balance school and work. You feel like you never have time to work on school work outside of school and you also barely get to see your friends or family. Sure you have money but when you have no time to spend it what’s the point?

If you start doing bad in school your parents will tell you to try harder and to get out of work but it’s not as simple as that. Now you have to work because without money you feel empty and can’t go out with friends. Your teachers have no remorse when they tell you how bad you are doing but you simply don’t have the time to do it all.

Then if you are tired at work and go slow you get yelled at by your boss/manager/owner and get even more stressed out because after all on top of school you’re total time wasted on school and work is about 65 hours which is more than the average work week of 40 hours a week.

It’s a cruel cycle that will drain your sanity, make you lose friends, your grades drop, and a constant scolding from teachers, parents, and workers.