Brigid McKenna

Brigid McKenna

Megan Winters

Freshman Brigid McKenna is destroying the competition this season as a point guard in JV Girls’ Basketball.

In addition to basketball, McKenna plays baseball and takes advanced classes. She is able to maintain a high GPA and made it on to the honor roll last quarter and is heading down that path again for the second quarter.

In the last game, McKenna played a vital role in helping the JV girls crush Amherst in overtime with a final score of 40 to 35.

McKenna started the interview by explaining how often a daily practice is, how long they last, and what happens during them.

“We have practice every day for two hours, except for Wednesdays and Saturdays, which are for games. Sunday is the only day that I don’t have basketball. On Mondays, we go into the weight room and do circuits and conditioning. Every single practice, we usually scrimmage varsity and run through our plays. We also usually run every practice.”

McKenna discussed some of her activities with her teammates outside of practice.

“When we have home morning games, we have a team breakfast. We’ve also done a lock-in where we spent the entire night together.”

Most athletes and performers have superstitions or certain things that they do before a game or performance in order to gain good luck. McKenna was asked about any possible superstitions she might have.

“It’s not really a superstition, but sometimes when we come out of the locker room, we hit the doorway to pump ourselves up. All basketball teams also clap in and break before the game starts.”

McKenna also shared her favorite part of being on the LHS team.

“It would have to be learning how to work as a team and improving my basketball skills. Our teammates push each other to get better.”

When McKenna was asked about her future, she responded: “I would like to play basketball through high school and possibly go into zoology in college.”

This young athlete will certainly take the world by storm. Catch Brigid McKenna in action every Wednesday and Saturday at the JV Girls’ Basketball games.