16-Bits Arcade

16-Bits Arcade

Most restaurants/bars nowadays and in the past are primarily for eating and just hanging out with friends. The 16-Bit in Lakewood has more to offer than just hanging out with friends and eating.

The 16-Bit located on Detroit Avenue opened just a couple years ago and has next level entertainment. There are over 40 classical games in the bar that are available for anyone to play. When talking with friends or just simply hanging out on your own gets boring, you can just go play these games for as long as you want.

Elijah Moncrief, a student at Lakewood High School, said, “I live right by 16-Bit so I always see it. I know the place doesn’t want 16 year old boys in there but it always looked like a great time.” The games and entertainment in this place are even attracting younger people. This addition to this restaurant/bar, has created a broad appeal.

Free stuff is always something that will draw people in and at 16-Bit, every game is free to play. No quarters or dollars need to be taken out of your pocket. Although it has been open for a couple years now, what it has to offer is as good as new.

In Lakewood there are approximately 30 bars/restaurants available to the community. Out of those 30, 16-Bit is the only bar/arcade. Whether it is for a party or to just hangout with friends and family, or if you just want to play games, a life in Lakewood will be much improved after enjoying quality time at 16-Bit.