Climate Change

Climate Change

Ayden Wacker

In today’s society, climate change has become a serious issue. But not serious enough to where everyone is worried about it. It is a serious topic that could possibly cost the lives of innocent humans in the future. Currently it is at its worst, yet there’s not much attention.

According to, the planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit since the late 29th century. 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit might not sound like a lot, but at the rate it is growing at right now, that 1.62 could triple by the next decade.

Our President, Donald Trump, has done many things to upset the press or minorities or women. But, even he is trying to put a stop to climate change because of how much of a destruction it can cause. According to, Trump has been auctioning off millions of dollars worth of public land to help with US carbon emissions. He has done a lot but we have done so little.

Logan Mitchell, a student here at Lakewood High School, said.” My family and I have never been a Trump fan and never will be. But I am seriously worried about climate change and I respect Trump for doing what he can, because it is a serious problem”. This student has never been a fan of Trump, but now that he’s stopping a serious issue, he is gaining popularity.

Climate change can effect our society drastically and change who we are forever. Right now it is at its worst, to the point where attentive people are freaking out. The only time to act is now, before it is too late.