The National Anthem

The National Anthem

Mallory Moorman

Before any game no matter how big or small. There is one thing that is always the same. One thing that always happens. The silence before the start of all the amazing things that could possibly happen. That is the national Anthem.

There are many controversies about what goes on during the anthem. But still we all remove our hats from our heads, our hands from pockets, put our right hand over our heart, and stand for the same reason. Respect. From athletes to fans, all take this part very seriously. Many times you will even see tears in athletes eyes as they listen and mouth along. More than once at sporting events crowds have joined one another in singing along to this beautiful song.

Recently at the LIV Super bowl everyone did those actions as the one and only Demi Lovato sang. It came to no surprise when she hit every note with ease. The audience was pleased and fascinated by the way she sang and kept it classic. She added in a few riffs here and there, but no one detested to her performance. In fact many gave props to her for how wonderful she started the evening.

Her singing set the tempo for quite the evening. From the halftime show to the Kansas City Chiefs winning it all. We all give thanks to her and all the other performers that do what the do best before every great game.