Pep Rally Change And Why

Pep Rally Change And Why

Adam Schraibman

With a pep rally coming up at the end of this week and all the talk of not going, I wondered to myself “Why should everyone have to go?” and “Why does the administration care so much?”

The administration cares so much because it reflects upon our community. If we have low spirit here at school then this generation of high schoolers who will graduate in a couple years will let a flourishing, bright community die in spirit.

After speaking with Mr. C, who works with the student body on setting up pep rallies, explained the importance of spirit in the school and how it reflects “We worked with the student council to help decide what will be fun at pep rallies. This year they set up a multitude of activities that seemed fit and fun like jello eating contest, a dunk contest with the hoops lowered a little bit, and an arm wrestling contest. These events also help highlight clubs like H2O, Barnstormers, and Herpetology club. It’s really pride building wide.”

I had also asked him about why the pep rally had been changed to 3rd and 4th periods and he told me about how it will help with the attendance issue but also how it will give kids extra energy for the last few classes of the day and having it during those periods still allows everyone to have a lunch period and still go into the gym 5th, 6th, and 7th.

Administrators had carefully and strategically planned this out to make sure it runs smoothly with a higher attendance and higher student and staff satisfaction with new things not done at a pep rally before.