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    Justin Bieber’s New Album

    Justin Biebers New Album

    On February 14, 2020, Justin Bieber finally dropped his album “Changes.” It has been five years since Bieber has released an album. His most reacent was “Purpose” which was a huge hit.

    The album “Changes” means more than the other albums in the past. The reason it took five years is because during his Purpose stadium tour, Bieber, had a very hard time with his mental health and ended up canceling the rest of the tour.

    The tiltle, “Changes,” represents how his life has changed and is changing. Each song has a different meaning. The song, “Come Around Me,” has to be one of the best. It is a mixture of upbeat and calming.

    All the excitement doesn’t stop there. He has also announced he will be going on another stadium tour for this album. Hopefully this time he doesn’t push himself too far. He will be coming to Cleveland at the First Energy Stadium August 14, 2020. There are many ticket options that are now on sale! A Student from Lakewood High School, Abbie Tuleta says, “I can’t wait to go to his concert.”

    “Changes” is the type of music when you are looking for music to just chill out and vibe with. The beat with his voice combined is soft and the lyrics are so sweet. It is also heart warming knowing that the majority of the songs are about his newly wedded wife, Hailey Baldwin.

    This may not be one of his biggest albums out of the other 6– My World, My World 2.0, Mistletoe, Believe, Journal and Purpose– but it sure is the most sentimental one! Going through the songs off of each album makes you realize how much he has matured throughout the years. He practically grew up in front of the whole world, which must be pretty challenging.

    He has been working on bettering himself and regaining respect from his ‘bad boy’ phase and from the looks of it he has been doing an amazing job. He deserves nothing but the best and hopefully that’s what he gets.

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