Our Female Wrestling Team’s Season Comes to an End

Tajon Short

Our female wrestling team had their state tournament over the weekend being accompanied by coaches Paul Kordich and Doug Thomas. This was their last tournament of the season and they had been working hard during practice to prepare for it. Unfortunately, they were knocked out of the tournament but they should still be commended for their efforts.

Our boys’ wrestling team said their good-byes to the girls’ team and wished them luck in the upcoming tournament. That Saturday morning they headed off towards Hilliard Davidson High school

Not many people can keep up with wrestling as it is a very rough sport but these girls stuck with it the entire season and fought hard. The three individuals’ names are Anna Weiss, Jessica Twardesky, and Shaliyah Hooper.

 They may not have placed this year in the tournament but they participated in something very few people can stick with, and for that, I believe they deserve our respect.