Reconstruction of Wagar Park by Harding Middle School

Reconstruction of Wagar Park by Harding Middle School

Bella Nieves

Lakewood is proud to present the opportunity to expand the city’s art! Art in the Parks requested local gifted artists to create a social seating arrangement for Wagar Park.

The top bidder that won the new construction is Marra Construction with a bid of $872,814.00. The construction is going on right now in March 2020 and is expected to be finished by the end of winter 2020. The grand celebration for the new park will be held sometime in the Summer of 2020.

The project did receive a grant for the construction of the new Wagar Park for $381,000 from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Land and Water Conservation Fund. shows how the decision of what the park was going to look like and how the decision was created based on citizen’s preferences. said this about the first community meeting, “After sharing stories of the past the residents offered their ideas and hopes for the future of Wagar Park.” This meeting was held all the way back in June 2016.

For the second meeting, held in August 2016, consultants had three different design concepts in which featured different amenities that the community suggested. There were six main points that Lakewood wanted to reach: 1. Safety, 2. Quality of Facilities, 3.Access, 4. Natural Resources, 5. Cultural and Social Resources, and 6. Year-Round Use.

It will be exciting to see the construction of Wagar Park take place and watch it unfold. I can’t wait to visit the new park once it is finished. I’m sure this will be a great resource for our community and a new fresh environment for families and children.