The Corona Virus’ Growth

The Corona Virus Growth

Ayden Wacker

Could one virus drastically affect a country? The answer is yes. Lately the coronavirus has been growing and growing all throughout the United states. Men and women are stocking up on water and food supplies because of this one little virus. Stocking up on stuff might sound like overkill, but it could the one thing that keeps you alive if this virus does not stop growing.

According to USA Today, they are closing schools in the state of Washington because of the coronavirus. The U.S. death toll is now six due to this virus. Therefore, school closings might not be that bad of an idea to keep the disease in one place. Yes, six seems like a small number compared to 7 billion, but if we don’t stop it now, that six could turn into millions.

In addition to Washington state school closings, the governor of Ohio has cancelled the Arnold Classic. This competition has always been a joy to watch, and now because of one little virus, it is cancelled. The big events where a lot of people go to enjoy these competitions are the perfect opportunities for a virus to spread, with a bunch of people enclosed in a small space. The cancellation was smart on the governor’s part.

Logan Mitchell, a student at Lakewood High school, said,” The coronavirus may not seem like a big deal, but it is. People should be working harder to stop this thing before it is too late.” The coronavirus is only going to grow until serious action is taken. America is a great country, but it will only stay great if this virus is stopped.