Lakewoods Street Renovation

Lakewoods Street Renovation

Chloe Fielder

For us Lakewood citizens, there is some good news for once. While the coronavirus outbreak has impacted many people in a negative way, positive news is planned for Lakewood, Ohio. The city is planning a spring-summer road program, which basically means updating pavements and curbs on the public roads. Everyday, the roads are used, and they have been damaged overtime.  Hence why the city confirmed its renovations.

This will be super beneficial for drivers, or people who live near the particular roads in need of work. The project was defined by Mark Papke, who is an engineer for Lakewood, Ohio. These projects are known as mill-and-fill asphalt, which are to reform streets in the city inspected to be worked on. The project plan covers parts of Wagar Avenue, Madison Avenue, Detroit Avenue, Daleview Avenue, Riverside Drive, McKinley Avenue, Marginal Drive, Arthur Avenue, Alger Road, and Delaware Avenue. The roads named are to have work done throughout this time on updating pavements.

Many funds and payments are towards this change of the city’s roads. The mill-and-fill asphalt project was priced at nearly 1.5 million dollars. This could increase the safety of modern roads. Drivers may possibly be at less risk of accidents, which is a pro, with Lakewood being such a tight traffic zone. Regarding the roads, they are claimed to be evaluated every three years for specific conditions.

A Lakewood High School junior, Giavanna Frankito, says that, “I think this will be great when it is all finished. During its construction, it may however be tough to drive on the roads, including traffic.”

Hopefully, construction will continue and not be delayed through the spring project. As the coronavirus has effected many great big events such as education, sports (all youth/college, NBA, NHL, and MLB), and large group organizations; could this be delayed too? Let’s hope the roads can be finished at the time that was set. If not, we all know why.