Virus Panic


Cassidy Baldridge

The U.S. has gone into panic about COVID-19. It started in China and has spread all over the world, including to the United States. Because of the spread, many universities have declared that students have to go home, and classes will be continued online; some had to finish the semester early and are home for the rest of the year.

If this is the case for colleges, the ones who live on campus should have room and board refunded because each year students spend thousands of dollars to live on campus. Just yesterday, March 12, the governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, also extended k-12 spring break by three weeks.

What are parents supposed to do with their little kids who aren’t old enough to take care of themselves? Canceling school, along with suspending the NBA season and NCAA tournament, creates a panic. It makes this seem like a much bigger deal than it really is.

Some high schools are even canceling their spring sports, proms, and graduations. It shouldn’t be taken this far. The class of 2020 is getting what they have been looking forward to their whole lives taken away. Imagine not being able to play your favorite sport for the last time, or not even getting your prom.

In Ohio, as winter sports are coming to an end, many teams have been getting ready for their biggest match or game; but now it all has been postponed or cancelled. It has been recommended that there shouldn’t be gatherings of over 100 people. People start to worry about being in big groups, but then everyone gathers at stores to stock up.  But do they realize they are gathering in a big group?

By creating this panic, going to the grocery store is a hassle. Many people are stocking up on food and supplies, making the lines, and stores, outrageous and overcrowded.

The virus seems to be affecting the elderly and babies the worst, but people with good immune systems should be fine and less likely to get the virus. “Hopefully this virus gets under control sometime soon,” says a student at Lakewood High School, Miabella Doerr. Washing your hands and making sure to sanitize things will help keep everyone more safe.