Tragedy Strikes during the Last Quarter of School

Tragedy Strikes during the Last Quarter of School

Cassidy Baldridge

It all started back in 2019: COVID-19. At first, it was a big outbreak in China, where thousands of people were getting sick.  It wasn’t long before it affected almost the whole world. It came to the U.S.  And then it came to Ohio.  And now there are people in Lakewood who have it.

Since it is a sickness that is highly contagious and deadly, the state of Ohio has ordered that public schools should be closed, along with basically everything else that is not a necessity. Since schools are closed, the students now have online school.

While this may be okay for the teachers and every grade, the seniors are the ones being harmed by this break. Many seniors are getting their last sports season taken away from them, and even their prom. They have been waiting most of their lives for this final quarter of school, be it their final game or walking the stage at graduation, and now it is all in danger of being taken away. Luckily, Lakewood is working on adjusting those dates.

This outbreak, and orders to stay home, have caused madness at the grocery store. It has caused people to buy excessive amounts of foods that they probably won’t eat, or excessive amounts of paper products, causing prices on them to go way up. It has also made flights and gas cheaper, which isn’t so bad. But what are the people who can’t buy just anything, like those with food stamps, supposed to do? People don’t pay attention to what they buy, and as a result, people with stamps go to the store and can’t get the foods they usually do because they are gone.

What is the economy supposed to do without money? Many people are being laid off, or are not able to make money because their jobs are forced to shut down. How are people supposed to pay their rent or bills if some companies don’t have an understanding?

Hopefully, they find antibiotics and can slow down this tragic virus. It is better to be safe than sorry and you should always practice being sanitary. It just sucks for the ones missing out on things that they’ve been looking forward to their whole lives.