Bucket List for After the Madness


Cassidy Baldridge

Months have passed since COVID-19 began going around in the U.S. As we are all aware of,  everything has been closed, and stay at home orders have been placed. In reality, we aren’t able to leave our homes anyway because there is nothing else to do. Spending all this time doing nothing has made made everyone realize what’s gone.

Beginning May 1st, Ohio is going to begin to re-open. It may be starting in waves, just to be sure the numbers of the virus don’t end up peaking again. Here’s a list of activities to do once everything is healthy again:

  1. Give someone a hug
  2. Get your nails done
  3. Get a haircut
  4. Go ice skating
  5. Go to museums
  6. If you’re a senior, go to stores to get prom outfits
  7. Go shopping at the mall
  8. Get dressed up and go out to eat
  9. Travel
  10.  Go Bowling
  11. Go to the movie theater
  12. Attend a concert
  13. Hangout with friends you haven’t seen in a long time
  14. Go on a picnic
  15. Plan a road trip
  16. Teach your friends some of the new hobbies you picked up
  18. Go Swimming
  19. Look for a part-time job
  20. Sit-down and have ice cream
  21. Garden
  22. Get a slushee (since all the machines have been down)
  23. Go to the beach if it’s warm enough
  24. Go on a run with more people than just yourself
  25. Have a movie night with your friends
  26. Get a new piercing
  27. Have a coffee date
  28. Be able to stand less than 6 feet away from someone (kidding still be healthy)
  29. Put in volunteer hours
  30. Get your life back to normal