What can we do all day?

What can we do all day?

Bryant Newlon

With the quarantine, most outdoor activities are no longer an option so this begs the question, “what do we do all day”. Now although most people now work from home so it is no big issue for them some people don’t have that choice. Some people instead of getting to work from home were laid off leaving them without a job as well.

Activities are not a universal thing where just everyone can do the same thing and enjoy it to its fullest extent just as much as others. Activities are a personal preference and some suit some more than others. One choice is as simple as reading a book. Some people don’t have the patience to sit and read though and some do. For those with more energy than others exercising is also a great choice but can be very limited if you don’t have any equipment. Dumbbells, a treadmill, or and elliptical can give you a little more variety.

Some people prefer to enjoy movies or TV shows and now is a great time to explore and see if you can find a new show that may just peak your interest. Another option for some people are video games. With such a wide variety of video games out there today there is sure to be one that makes you happy. With casual to competitive or a little alternate life to horror there is always an option for you. Now with phone games some even play themselves while your phone is off.

There are so many things that you could do at home with this quarantine. Have an instrument that you never got to learn? You can google videos on how to play the instrument and by the time this is over you now have something new to show your friends. If you feel like being a kid again you can build a new Lego space ship if that is what interests you.