How We Can Benefit

How We Can Benefit

Ayden Wacker

During this time, we are stuck in our house. Nothing to entertain ourselves except ourselves. When one is alone their true self shows. The person they really are when nobody is looking. This pandemic has given us an opportunity to change or make better the person you are when nobody is looking.

One thing that many people do not do is workout.  42.4% of the population is obese according to the CDC. These people who are included here have a perfect opportunity right in front of them. They have nothing but time to go outside and build a longer lasting life for themselves. But only they can make the choice.

Another thing that many people do not do is wake up early. A quote by Robert Brault states, “one key to success is to have lunch at the time of day most people have breakfast.”  Waking up earlier creates a longer day that can then be utilized to better yourself.  This pandemic could be the perfect opportunity to allow you to use that extra hour as a an advantage.

Through text I asked Mark Jarrous, a student at Lakewood High School, what he thinks about benefiting from this pandemic. He said,” We have so much time during this pandemic. I feel like I have enough time to do anything I want. But I also feel like this is a second chance for me to get my life together and set some goals for the future to give myself some direction.”

This pandemic seems like the worst thing in the world for us people. But if you look at it from a different perspective, it can be the perfect opportunity.