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    Deadly Bees


    As if the COVID-19 wasn’t bad enough, there is something new that is deadly that has entered the United States, “Murder Hornet.” They have been spotted recently in the northwest of America.

    They are known to be found in Japan and it is a mystery of how they even came to the U.S. According to Aljazeera, it sting contains seven times the amount of venom that the honeybee contains. The bee also doesn’t sing just once, it can sting multiple times.

    It is known to kill people, honeybees, and many other kinds of bees. It releases a potent neurotoxin, which is what causes death in some people. They eat all different kinds of insects, but feast on the honeybees. It only takes a couple of hours for them to devour the honeybee hive. They are the largest kind of hornet, two inches in length. The honeybees have already been in danger, they don’t need another predator.

    Obviously people are working to do what they can to stop the spread of the nasty hornets, but if they don’t, the hornets could spread all across the U.S. It only takes under 50 stings to kill you from kidney damage, according to National Geographic.

    2020 has been one heck of a year. It is only May and it feels like we haven’t been actually to do anything this year. Hopefully, instead of all this bad news, we start to see some light.

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