How Our Lives Will Change


"Jonas Hupcey"

Our lives will never be the same after the pandemic is over.  Who knows when it will end it could be months or years.  One thing is for sure is that each of our lives will be different now.  Will we have to wear masks for years to come?  Will there be social distancing for the rest of our lives?


No one really knows what will happen or how long things will go on for.  One of the biggest concerns right now is that researchers now are seeing a possible increase in Coronavirus cases during these upcoming fall months.  As the economy starts to open and more people go out into the public there could definitely be a surge in Coronavirus cases.


The one big problem is the economy was shut down in so many places for a very long time.  Many people lost jobs and with businesses still shut down many might not hire right now.  We as a country will need to keep sticking together.


If the number of cases increase businesses will most likely be needed to shut down which means that there will be basically another closing of the economy.  This whole process is projected to happen for at least another year or potentially until there is a cure for this horrible disease.  Every couple months the economy could be possibly shut down then reopened then shut back down.  This could be horrible for people who can not find steady work because of this.  We need to stick together.