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    Must Watch Binges


    Cable? What is Cable? Netflix is where its at with its constant flow of new additions.  Lately Netflix has been coming out with some incredible binge worthy shows. Shows filled with horror, realism, comedy, etc. If you have not checked these shows out yet, you are really missing out!

    About a year ago the first episode of the show “You” aired. This show is about a man who meets this girl and they fall in love, but the relationship becomes lopsided. The man becomes obsessed with her and begins to stalk her, yet he still is able to justify how it is okay.

    Another show that was recently added, is a show called “Black Mirror.” This show displays incredible realism while also horror at the same time. It displays what could happen in the future if certain things took over such as technology. It does a great job of giving us an example of what life could be like if some things changed.

    When asked about Netflix and its new releases, Elijah Moncrief, A student at Lakewood High School, said,” Netflix has always been my favorite app for watching movies and shows, but lately it has been impressing me even more with these shows coming out.” Elijah has always been a fan and has still never gotten bored of Netflix because of its constant new flow of good shows an movies.

    Netflix has impacted so many peoples lives in the way it spreads messages through entertainment and the way it allows watchers to pick from a recommended section. If the future of Netflix is as good as it is now we are in for a treat.



























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