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    Lucas Winters

    Lucas Winters

    Junior Lucas Winters is the starting quarterback for the varsity football team here at Lakewood High School.  Lucas is a two-sport athlete playing for the varsity baseball team as well.  He is a stellar athlete and a great student to back it up earning good grades in the classroom.

    Q: How has COVID-19 affected your football season?

    “COVID-19 has affected our season by limiting our resources such as locker rooms, getting into the weight room, as well as scrimmages. I was not ready for our first Friday night game before the season started.”

    Q: How is your first year as the Varsity quarterbacking going?

    “My first year has not been the greatest, but also not the worst.  We have had some good games and some games where mental errors shot us in the foot.  Like I said, we were not able to see in-game rhythm before the first week.”

    Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

    “In my free time, I enjoy relaxing.  Unfortunately, I do not have much free time between work, football, and school.  So when I get the opportunity to relax, I do.”

    Q: How do you think the rest of the season will go?

    “I think the rest of the season will be good.  We have shown times where were are a great team, and times where we make mistakes.  If we eliminate the mistakes, we can be good and have fun.  Look at week 4; we had a few mistakes and were up 48-0 at halftime.”

    Q: What has your favorite part of the season been so far?

    “My favorite part of the season so far was beating Normandy in week 4.  That was my first varsity win.”

    Q: Do you enjoy being on the football team?

    “I enjoy every bit of being on the football team.”

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