Doing Our Best To Stay Active


Madeline Cummings

Living in the middle of a pandemic, it can be hard to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lakewood fall sports have put in place special procedures to maintain a safe environment to allow students to stay healthy and active during this confusing time.

While many students are happy they are still able to participate in sports, COVID percussions have created a somewhat tense environment.

Senior Ella Bangert, of the varsity volleyball team, says, “I feel like the season has been super weird. We have to be super careful at games sometimes because some schools have taken pictures of us when we weren’t completely social distancing.”

Coaches have been doing their best to enforce precautions, to keep students safe. All team members get their temperature taken before entering the building, masks must be worn while students are not actively playing.

“One school, during every time-out, had someone come and wipe down the net. There are also normally several balls being used and after each point, they are cleaned,” says Ella

The cross country team has canceled all big meets, such as the annual meet at McQuaid, but they still compete every weekend at smaller meets and team members are required to wear their masks on the field.

Most students feel the biggest change, and what their missing out on the most has been the team bonding. Because of COVID big group gatherings are not allowed outside of practices.

Captain for the boys cross country team, David Coleman, says, “I do feel like I’m missing out. The closeness and camaraderie of the team is limited by our COVID procedures. I really miss the pasta feeds, and I’m going to miss the McQuaid meet even more.”