The Loss of a True Heroine


Ayden Wacker

This past Friday we lost a heroine, an activist and most importantly a mother in Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to pancreatic cancer.

Her impact on our society today is tremendous compared to what others have done. Ruth Bader has successfully argued cases that expanded civil rights law and 14th amendment protections to women. She was even fired from the law review at age 23 for being a female, but obviously that did not stop her. As an influential legal mind, she has put forth all her effort, towards positive change, and all we can do is sincerely thank her for that.

Since Ruth died two months before the 2020 election, there is now an open slot for her position. Because of this there is now a debate as to who will fill her spot and when. Some think her spot should be filled now, and some think they should wait till the election is over with. The start to this fire of different opinions was the fact that if her spot is filled now, it will most likely be filled by a Republican.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has changed the democratic party so much for the better  that seeing her spot be replaced by a republican has become very unpopular. Her beliefs and her impact have been golden to our society and have inspired so many people, therefore its only right to put more thought into her replacing.

When asked about what he thought on this issue, Logan Mitchell, a student at Lakewood High School, said, ” She was honestly one of the most empowering and independent woman out there. I hope her spot is replaced by someone with similar intentions.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has opened America’s eyes to a new light in female empowerment. She has showed us through her actions that a women can do anything a man can do. And it is our duty to honor these achievements forever.