Lakewood Truck Park


Ayden Wacker

Have you ever gotten bored of a food place’s menu? Well with the new food truck restaurant in Lakewood called Lakewood Truck Park, there is a constant flow of new food trucks and options.

Restaurants, in genera,l can get very tedious in the way that they mainly have the same menu, like Raising Canes for example.  But with this restaurant there are always new options. On their website this week they have Barrio, Swensons, and Italian Creations coming up next.

In Lakewood not too many restaurants provide a large outdoor seating area. It is usually that there are more seats inside, and then a couple tables outside. But not with The Lakewood Truck Park. They have a huge outdoor seating area and a small indoor seating area. When the weather is nice this place will only strive because of their seating decisions.

Being outdoors during this pandemic has been said to lessen your chances of getting COVID-19. Which would mean that choosing to eat somewhere like a food truck restaurant would be a safer option because of the large amount of outdoor seating.  Being safe during this time is extremely important, which is why Lakewood Truck Park’s business has been so good lately, they are the safer option.

When asked what he thought of Lakewood Truck Park, Anthony Adkins, a senior at Lakewood High School, said,” I have walked pass that place many times and always thought it was cool how there are always new restaurant trucks coming in and out. I will definitely have to try it sometime.”

The Lakewood Truck Park is something new, something we have never seen before, which is why it wouldn’t be a surprise if it takes over the restaurant game.