2020 World Series: Tampa Bay vs. Los Angeles


William Hyatt

The World Series is finally here with the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers getting ready to finish out the year with a huge win.  It is no surprise to see the Dodgers back after missing last year, but to see the Rays in the fall classic is a surprise.

To see the Dodgers in the Fall Classic for the third time in four years is no surprise.  They are fronted by some of the best players in the league including outfielders Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger, pitchers Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw, and infielder Cory Seager. The Dodgers are favorites to win considering nobody believed the Rays would be joining them this year.

The Rays were not on anyone’ss radar to go far this season, but that hasn’t held them back as we can see.  Although they were doubted the Rays were the number one seed coming into the playoffs for a good reason.  Tampa’s stars ( Randy Arozarena, Kevin Kiermaier, Tyler Glasnow, and Charlie Morton) have been doing just as much damage as the Dodgers best.

The series is going to be a tough fought battle.  I believe that the Tampa Bay Rays will find a way to pull out on top winning in 7 games.  For the Rays to pull out a win a couple of things will need to happen.  They won’t be able to give us as many early runs,  Randy Arozarena will have to perform as good as he did in the NLDS, and their defense will have to be lights out with how good the rays have been hitting the ball.

The Dodgers have more momentum coming into the first game of the series considering they have just won the last four games they have played in the playoffs.  The Dodgers also have a greater number a all-stars on their team, and even the decent ones are playing amazing.  For the Dodgers to win they will have to just keep up with the grove they left off with in the last round of the playoffs. “If the Dodgers play as good as they have been there is no chance of the Rays taking this from them” Says, senior Jameson Supinski

This will be a good one to tune into and watch.