Unfortunate Effects of Covid


Mason Orlando

Welcome back to another episode of “What Else Can Go Wrong,” and I’m your host, America.

Not to start off too boldly, but this week has seen so many twists and turns it may as well have been a ride at Cedar Point. But the main focus here is once again COVID. 

COVID has become one of those things that you hear about it in the news and you are just no longer phased by it. This week Cuyahoga county surpassed enough cases to once again put us in the red zone, which in return has once again cancelled our in-person classes till further notice. I should have seen this coming, rather we.

It’s not like COVID had just vanished; it runs in the background much like, well, a virus. 

But here’s the wrap, COVID sucks.

And losing in-person classes is a major academic or emotional dent for a lot of us. It’s understandable why the decision was made. but there needs to be more effort on getting us back. Especially for the students in Westshore. It’s not so much that losing them is “Oh I can’t see my friends,” but more that students who are in say engineering require the full-time of class to learn the full curriculum. 

This also once again also comes down to seniors losing what is supposed to be their preparatory/celebratory year of high school. All the effort we put in is supposed to end this one final year with a bang. Prom, spirit week, pep rallies, homecoming, football games. All of which are supposed to be the fun parts have all either been cancelled or are looking at being cancelled. Not to mention that we don’t have access to things like college visits. 

And while this is all rather unfortunate, there’s not much we can do. Losing in-person classes is just another unfortunate effect that has come with COVID.

The best we can do is socially distance and wear masks. So please, stay safe and help us get back to school LHS.