Lakewood’s First Snowfall of 2020

Lakewoods First Snowfall of 2020

Lucy McIntire

Cleveland– and Lakewood– is expecting its first snow to begin Monday night and carry into Tuesday. As of Monday morning, the weather was just rain, however, it is expected to change to snow. This snow will probably not stick, but as the snow continues into Tuesday, the snow is expected to accumulate between 8-12 inches of snow.

The snow storm will likely be accompanied by strong winds and a winter storm warning has been issued for Northern Ohio. There is an advisory to avoid travel, however with many people returning from trips over Thanksgiving, this could prove difficult.

Because of the added moisture from the lake, Cuyahoga and other surrounding counties are expecting the heaviest snow. This region of Northern Ohio is known as the “snow belt.” The primary snow belt, which receives the most snow (more than the secondary and other parts of Ohio), begins on the east side of Cleveland, so Lakewood is not included. The primary belt is also five or so miles inland, excluding Lakewood and Downtown Cleveland.

The western parts of Cuyahoga are just barely included in the secondary snow belt, and mostly those areas that are a bit inland. So, Lakewood is likely included in the snow belt, but at the more southern region.

The snow will carry into Wednesday, but will not be as heavy. The majority of the snow will have fallen Tuesday, and the storm should be over late Wednesday.