Local Gift Places and Ideas

Local Gift Places and Ideas

Ayden Wacker

Ever since the start of this pandemic, people have been spending tons of money on Amazon because of the fear of going out. Because of this these local shops are losing business when they have great products for Christmas gifts. Instead of giving Jeff Bezos (the richest man in the world) your money, support the local shops.

In Lakewood these shops include Home for the Holidays on Detroit,  Brennan’s Floral Gift Shop on Madison, and Lion and Blue on Detroit.  They all sell different things but have one thing in common: their main goal is to make other people happy, instead of just to make money. The smile on each worker’s face when they help you find what you need tells that story.

Now what can you buy at these shops, you might ask. Well at Lion and Blue they sells lots of unique jewelry, clothes and even hand-stitched souvenirs. At Home for the Holidays they sell tons of small household decorative items for the holidays. These would make for a great gift!  And if you want to go with a classic, flowers at Brennan’s Floral Shop is the place to go.

When asked what he thinks of gifts for the holidays, Mark Jarrous, a senior at Lakewood, says, “I truly do find it convenient to just order gifts online but there is something special about buying it in person from a shop. I know the pandemic is still going on, but one trip to a shop with a mask on won’t hurt.”

There truly is something special about buying a gift in a shop rather than on Amazon. Hopefully people don’t give Bezos as much money as he is expected to get this holiday season.